SuperMD Overview

Promoting Independent Living

SuperMD was created with the mission of improving the quality of life of chronic disease patients and their caregivers.

Today, SuperMD is a tele-health platform, health services marketplace, digital health passport and adherence monitor. SuperMD is designed as a one-stop super app for the growing number of people managing chronic diseases from home.

What makes SuperMD different from other health-tech apps is the strong emphasis placed on social support. Every feature in SuperMD is designed to help the patient, caregiver, and doctor manage their interlinking needs with each other, to share critical information and support one another through the management of a chronic disease.

For many, the primary caregiver of a chronic disease patient is a close family member, whether that be a son, daughter, sibling, or parent. The responsibility of being a caregiver to a chronic disease patient takes a toll on the mental and physical wellbeing of any caregiver. It often creates dependency and over-reliance in a way that can be detrimental to both parties, especially if mistakes are made. That is why our motto, "Promoting Independent Living" is about creating the means for managing chronic diseases more sustainably through more efficient patient-caregiver-doctor communication, analysis and access to health services. SuperMD is built for everyone, because every person alive either is a caregiver, needs a caregiver, or will someday be a caregiver. You just do not realise it yet.

SuperMD was built so that caring for someone with a chronic disease can be simpler, less stressful, and less risky. The main focus of the team is to create useful mobile services that help to alleviate worry and provide peace-of-mind when going through the arduous process of managing chronic disease. SuperMD is here to radically improve home care and offer a way to reliably and sustainably manage chronic diseases online, after patients have left the doctor's clinic.

Here are a list of things that you can do on SuperMD:

  1. Link up a patient's treatment therapy with his or her caregiver, so that the caregiver can track adherence to medication and know that the patient doesn't forget to take their meds.

  2. Hire licensed, professional caregivers with every professional skillset to assist in caring for your patient, both remotely or physically. This is ideal for working caregivers who need to balance caregiving with a busy career.

  3. Speak to a doctor, anytime, directly through in-app video call. SuperMD's platform has GPs, family doctors and specialists available to provide a tele-consultation on short notice at affordable prices.

  4. Generate and share critical medical reports in PDF between doctor and patient (subject to their approval), so it becomes easier to share relevant historical data points for a better diagnosis.

  5. With improved focus on data ownership, patients can now carry all their past diagnoses, treatments, adherence statistics, vital sign readings and more in this one app, and share their data with whoever they need to.

This is just a sample of some of the value that SuperMD offers. A full list of features are detailed in this document.

Globally, the increase in the ageing and sick population is placing immense pressure on the "sandwiched class": Those who have elderly parents and young children to take care of, on top of supporting themselves. We are building the technology to help.

The team behind SuperMD created this platform for the community. If you are managing a chronic disease, caring for the health of a loved one, or if you are a medical professional interested to learn how technology can help you better serve your patients, please join the SuperMD community on Facebook and LinkedIn today.

We are here to help each other. The SuperMD team is active on all our social media pages and we engage actively with our community to talk about our shared problems and the solutions that we can build with technology. SuperMD is a critical piece of healthcare infrastructure, so we serve our users full-time, 24/7, in pursuit of delivering better tech-driven outcomes for patients, caregivers and medical professionals. Join our community on social media to share your feedback and request new features so that we can improve the product for everyone.

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