Communicating with your Patient's Doctor

We provide a revolutionary solution to getting your doctor involved in managing your patient's chronic disease

In order for home care to be successful, caregivers need to be able to communicate the patient's health status, progress and problems with doctors.

The problem SuperMD is solving is this: For most chronic disease patients, access to doctors is sporadic. Doctors simply see too many patients with chronic diseases to keep track and monitor the performance of each patient perfectly. If you have just been diagnosed with a disease, the doctor diagnoses you in the clinic, gives you a prescribed treatment, and recommends a follow-up either one month or three months later. What you do after you leave the clinic, is your responsibility. What happens if you react poorly to the medication? What happens if one day, you or your patient suffers an extreme bout of pain? What happens if the patient is responding very well, and you would like to scale back the medication? Access to your doctor is limited.

Doctors, too, realise that the best form of care is when they can access patient information anytime, as opposed to every month or quarter when the patient comes for a visit, which is currently the status quo. Too much can happen in between without the doctor's knowledge. Doctors are also extremely busy people, and part of the reason they are not freely available to patients online, is because they would not be able to handle the volume of incoming messages. It would be overwhelming to doctors, and expose them to new risks as well.

The team behind SuperMD has three decades of experience tackling acute problems like these from the perspective of the doctor and the caregiver.

SuperMD is designed to be the middle ground: The technology can result in better care for the patients through better packaging of data, and it can be delivered in a non-intrusive, doctor-friendly interface that makes for more efficient check-ins. Caregivers can have peace of mind.

On SuperMD, a caregiver can seamlessly send patient healthcare information to their existing doctor(s), subject to approval from the patient, unless the patient expressly delegates that authority to the caregiver.

Core functionality On SuperMD, you are able to: 1. Send patient data immediately to your doctor --- in PDF format, or in-app formatting 2. The patient data contains adherence records, detailed vital sign readings, and past prescriptions 3. Find doctors who can passively monitor your patient under the paid Enhanced Care Plan and provide input when needed (your existing doctor can provide this service too if they join SuperMD) 4. If your doctor is unreachable, you can use our tele-health platform to find another doctor or specialist to check in. These tele-health calls can be three-way, so you as a caregiver can join the patient-doctor conversation.

SuperMD is always on a quest to improve. We are hyper-focused on improving user experience and patient outcomes for our community, so share your feedback with us on Facebook and LinkedIn, and request features.

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