Monitoring Your Patient

SuperMD tracks: 1. Patient's adherence to medication, and 2. Patient's vital sign metrics such as temperature, weight, blood pressure, blood oxygen and more, through syncing with Bluetooth-enabled medical devices. It is also easy to input readings manually. More importantly, if your patient does not take medication and the app is not updated , you will be notified immediately. Under the paid feature, if you do not respond to the notification after a set period of time, our professional caregiving center will call you or a designated responsible person, such as a domestic helper.

Updates from your patient are sent live through notifications straight to your mobile phone. Your SuperMD app is updated live alongside your patient's. You can manage your notifications easily in Settings to adjust your ideal notification preferences.

If the thought of checking and regularly updating an app sounds like too much work, don't worry! Our entire mission is to optimise for convenience and Promoting Independent Living. You can hire a licensed, professional caregiver on SuperMD who will gently check in with your patient and make sure you are updated. Your arrangement with them can be physical or remote check-ins.

SuperMD is also currently building hardware, such as the Super Pill Dispenser (SuperPD™) that is dedicated to making sure that keeping up with medication regiment is simple and convenient.

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