Patient Use Case

SuperMD's core purpose is to promote ageing with dignity.

SuperMD has three separate interfaces: one for patients, one for caregivers, and one for doctors.

Patients Chronic disease patients use SuperMD to manage treatment schedules on a daily basis. Patients need to make sure that they are taking their meds properly: The right meds, at the right time. SuperMD sends reminders when it is time to take your meds. If you forget, the app will first remind you, then remind your caregiver. With the paid feature, our professionally staffed caregiving centre will call you or your caregiver, so you never forget. You decide how much intervention you want. More importantly, over time SuperMD becomes your diary so that you, your caregiver, and your doctor can determine how your medication is affecting your health (all data sharing is entirely subject to your approval, of course! We take privacy extremely seriously.)

In the past, upon leaving a doctor's clinic you would be told to note down your treatment and vitals on pen and paper. Now all of that can be done on the SuperMD app and exported in PDF easily anytime. Today most devices that measure temperature, weight, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and other vital signs are electronic and have bluetooth. Our team has built integrations with most major medical device brands like Abbott, Omron and Rossmax so that their medical devices can sync your regularly scheduled readings seamlessly with SuperMD, making it easy to upload your data to the cloud, under your SuperMD acount, for future reference. Caregivers get live updates on your health stats as you upload them.

SuperMD is an attempt to build what is known today as a digital health passport. It is the freedom of owning your own medical data in the palm of your hands. We will never share or sell your data without your consent. But if you wanted to, you can send your data to anyone, for example a new doctor, with a few clicks.

SuperMD empowers you by making the management of chronic diseases more organised, more convenient, and more effective.

We are your communication tool for managing your relationship with your caregiver, whether that is a family member or a professional. Your caregiver can do a better job of caring by tracking your adherence, and reactions. You can give them the peace of mind by updating your app, because once you do we send them a notification so they know you've taken your meds.

With our emphasis on social inclusion, SuperMD also brings together all of the healthcare services you need, right at your fingertips!

You can reach a doctor on short notice using our tele-health feature. We enable high definition video calls, two-way or three-way (if you wish to include your caregiver). Tele-consultations over SuperMD cost the same as going to the actual clinic. Doctors can prescribe medication, and all that data is stored on your SuperMD account as a record for future use. In addition, your medication can be sent to your home within a few hours/days by one of our partner agencies.

Last but not least, you can use SuperMD to easily find and hire a professional caregiver to take care of you. SuperMD has a very large database of professional caregivers for any possible need you may have: nursing, self-care, night care, chores, daily living, physio therapy, medical escorts, and more.

Welcome to the future!

Give us your feedback! If you are a chronic disease patient, our team needs your feedback on how to improve the app further, so please join our Facebook or LinkedIn pages. We want to hear from you.

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