Caregiver Use Case

SuperMD is the world's first health-tech app built by caregivers for caregivers.

Caregivers take responsibility for caring for their patient's health outside of the clinic.

SuperMD builds tools for better monitoring and better communication with patients. The goal is to create better patient outcomes and Promoting Independent Living. SuperMD can be used by family or professional caregivers alike.

Did you know that in patients with chronic diseases, the non-adherence rate for medication exceeds 50%? This means it is more than likely your patient is not adhering to the doctor's treatment. Why does this happen? Forgetfulness, neglect, depression, patients think they feel better so they stop taking meds (without consulting a doctor), or patients believing they can treat themselves better than their doctor, or financial or logistical problems making them unable to acquire their medication.

The consequences for non-adherence can be serious. Forgetting to take life-saving medication, or taking the wrong medication, can lead to life-threatening situations. Furthermore, non-adherence is not viewed by doctors as a medical problem. The responsibility for adhering to treatment falls solely to the patient and caregiver.

SuperMD's technology is primarily built to facilitate this responsibility in a reliable, efficient manner by providing the tools for managing the patient-caregiver relationship.

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