Telehealth Marketplace

Use SuperMD to find a doctor, and do a tele-consultation on the app. No camera required.

SuperMD's tele-health marketplace allows users to find doctors online, and engage in tele-consultations over video call with licensed doctors that have been vetted by SuperMD.

On the SuperMD app, go to the Services page. From there, select a condition or a doctor you wish to speak to. After selecting a doctor, input the preferred time for appointment and wait for SuperMD to confirm the appointment. Appointment confirmations will be sent via email and SMS to the registered details of the applicant.

In order to make a booking, payment is required. SuperMD places a hold on the payment in the event of a no-show, and only process the payment to the doctor once the tele-consultation starts. In the event the user chooses to cancel the appointment before the start of the tele-consultation, no payment is taken from the customer.

Due to the sensitive nature of the calls taking place on SuperMD, patients do not need to have their cameras turned on during tele-consultation. Doctors on the other hand always keep their cameras on during tele-consultations.

Note: SuperMD is a tech company that facilitates tele-health, and is not a registered clinic. All doctors on the SuperMD platform are attached to their own clinics, and patients are obligated to register with these clinics as part of the tele-consultation.

SuperMD charges a 10% service fee to the user based upon the doctor's rates.

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