SuperMD was created in 2019, and still going strong in 2022!

Alan Ho, Founder and CEO

Alan has over 25 years of working experience in the healthcare industry in Singapore, Malaysia, China and the UK.

The origin story of SuperMD comes from Alan wanting to monitor the health (notably medicine adherence and health metrics) of his 81 year old mother, who suffers from dementia among a host of other chronic conditions.

As Alan works full time, he is constantly worried about his mum’s condition. He does not know if his mum has taken all her meds correctly and on time, nor does he know if she is responding well to her medication.

After many years of wanting to do so, Alan created SuperMD in 2019 to allow him to remotely track if his mum is taking her meds, what time she is taking them, and also track her vitals over time to see how she is responding to medication.

Today, Alan manages SuperMD's expansion into telehealth and the hopes that SuperMD can help other people with continuous management of chronic diseases from home and building a ‘digital health passport’ with all of one’s data stored neatly for medical review.

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Guan Zhen Tan, Financial and Strategic Advisor, Early Investor

Clinical Panel of Advisors

Dr. Oh Eu Leong, Medical Director, Precious Medical Centre, Singapore

Dr Haireen binti Abdul Hadi, Associate Professor, University of Malaya Medical Centre, Primary Care

Dr Tan Kit Mun, Associate Professor, University of Malaya Medical Centre, Department of Medicine

Tech Team

Vitorino Fernandes, Chief Technology Officer

Arun Bajaj, API/Backend Developer

Alhaj Mohammad, Android Developer Anirudha Mahale, iOS Developer

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