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SuperMD helps doctors keep their patients closer to them.

SuperMD was built upon the feedback of many doctors from various backgrounds.

Based on interviews with hundreds of doctors, the team has identified several pain points where SuperMD can create significant value for doctors:

  1. Doctors are unable to track patients after initial diagnosis and treatment. Solution: SuperMD is an adherence software originally designed for family caregivers to ensure their patients are taking all their meds and measurements on time, every day. The team realised that this data could also be useful for doctors, so SuperMD was further improved, and we created a dedicated doctor's interface, designed for professional use by doctors. The team has gone through many rounds of consultation with medical professionals to refine the data formatting, so that doctors who use SuperMD to process patient health data can do so in dynamic ways that improve the doctor's ability to monitor improvements, reactions, and re-diagnose if necessary. If you believe that the future of healthcare is "offline-to-online", meaning that while the first consultation is offline, the follow-up consultations/check-ins can be online, then SuperMD is the perfect tool for you.

  2. Doctors would like to follow up more frequently with patients, and often, such follow-ups may not require a visit to the clinic. Solution: SuperMD's digital health passport gathers all of this data, input voluntarily by patients while supported by their caregivers to ensure adherence. This can be shared easily via a comprehensive PDF report prior to or during a consultation, or even a regular update. This data shows every statistic on the patient's adherence, as well as relevant vital sign measurements, and response to prescribed treatments. SuperMD allows in-app communication with the patient. Furthermore, onboarded doctors may choose to do a paid tele-consultation with the patient anytime, so as to keep the interaction brief and convenient.

  3. Doctors wish to keep existing patients close. Solution: SuperMD is not your competitor but your catalyst and amplifier. SuperMD provides communication and monitoring tools for you to offer enhanced care to your patients after they leave your clinic. As the world changes and technological disruption occurs, customers demand more. They demand more access, more quality care, and they want everything quicker. If you wish to meet them at that level, then join SuperMD. It is free for your patients to use SuperMD's core adherence and monitoring features. Through SuperMD, you are ever-present in your patient's life, as you are able to offer multiple new touch points: first, through the online/mobile channel, and second, through direct communication with the patient's caregiver, who is most often a close family member. SuperMD makes patient care truly holistic, and can demonstrably improve patient outcomes and customer satisfaction.

How can doctors generate revenue using SuperMD while improving care?

  1. Become a part of the SuperMD Enhanced Care Plan, and offer enhanced care to your patients. This is a monthly subscription plan.

  2. Join our tele-health marketplace, and meet new customers. SuperMD is the most community-feedback-driven, doctor-friendly, tele-health platform in the market for doctors with unrivalled user experience. The earlier you join the platform, the earlier you can build a reputation with new users on the platform.

How do I onboard with SuperMD? Creating an account and onboarding to SuperMD is quick and easy. Simply go to www.supermd.io, register your clinic and doctors, submit the pre-requisite documentation, and our team will review it and get back to you within 5 working days. All forms and agreements between doctor, clinic and SuperMD are completed online and executed digitally.

How does SuperMD protect the doctor and patient's privacy? Please read SuperMD's privacy policy, and take some time to understand the permissions process required for patient data to be shared with doctors.

How can I share my feedback about SuperMD? You can share your thoughts on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, or email the team directly.

How can I reach out to the team? Reach out if you need help onboarding, if you have questions, or if you would like to share feedback with us. Please email alan.ho@digital-healthtech.com

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